CineMagix FuzeBox – whole house audio, DVD movies and more!

We are proud to announce our new CineMagix™ FuzeBox™ and FuzeBox™ Pro! What’s a FuzeBox? See our mini-site and video demo here.

Finally, a way to harness all the good stuff media center does:
Live and recorded HD cable TV
Pictures and slideshow
Home videos…

and add to that:

Whole house, multi zone audio! 5 discreet audio zones in the FuzeBox; and up to 9 audio zones in the Pro. Play Dave Matthews on the Patio; Beyonce in the Living room and Kitchen; Metallica in your home office – all at the same time!

DVD Library! Watch Gladiator in the Home Theater on Blu-ray; Caddyshack in the Master bedroom; Harry Potter in the rec room. Easy and fun!

A simple to use interface. None of that scrolling around MCE confusion. Now your non-tech savvy family members will be able to use the media system. AND, the whole system is locked down so no one can install any software to blow it up! Finally!

We know you will have lots of questions – check out our mini-site for lots more info and demos. Call us at 800-303-7866 or chat right now. Or post on our forum announcement. We’d love to talk to you about it!


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