7 Reasons You Want Velocity Micro with Free Windows 7

The Future Begins. 7 reasons you want a Velocity Micro PC with a Free Windows 7 Upgrade

The wait is over. Starting today, all Velocity Micro PCs with Windows Vista ordered on VelocityMicro.com or purchased from a certified retailer will receive a coupon for a FREE upgrade to Windows 7 upon its official release.

That’s free, as in zero dollars. The cost of a sunny day. Free.

And simply put, Windows 7 is quite honestly the best version of Windows I’ve ever seen.

Here are 7 reasons you want a Velocity Micro PC with a Free Windows 7 Upgrade:

Increased Speed and Reliability – Thanks to an improved internal infrastructure, Windows 7 sleeps and resumes faster, is less power hungry, and recognizes USB devices quicker.

Improved Windows Search – Shouldn’t searching for a file on your home PC be just as easy (if not easier) than searching the web? Now, at long last, it is.

XP Mode – This is really cool. For those of you that have put off upgrading your business machines due to compatibility fears, Windows 7 offers a virtual copy of XP SP3 which allows you to run practically any application compatible with XP, right on your Windows 7 PC. XP Mode is included in Windows 7 Professional and Windows 7 Ultimate. I tried it here at the office with SAP – works great!

Increased security – The internet is a scary place sometimes. Protect your vital information and critical data with the enhanced security features that Windows 7 provides.

Media Management – With Windows Live Essentials and Media Center, Windows 7 makes it easier to organize, edit, and enjoy your video and photo collection.

Touch Screen – Let’s be honest. Having a touch screen monitor is really awesome. With Windows 7 enhanced touch screen compatibility, you’ll navigate easier, even without a mouse and keyboard. (Additional hardware required of course – and fingers.)

HomeGroup – Anyone who’s ever set up a home network knows what a hassle it can be. Windows 7 HomeGroup takes the headache out of home networking, making sharing files and printers simple and easy.

Interested? Thought you might be. Click here to learn more about what Windows 7 has to offer or simply give our team a call at 800-303-7866 to go ahead and order your ultra performance PC with a Windows 7 upgrade right now. Believe me when I say it’s seriously worth the hype.