One Week, Two Editors’ Choice Awards

t’s been a great couple of days for Velocity Micro, and I’d like to share the good news. We won TWO major Editors’ Choice awards this week alone.


“Velocity Micro has earned a reputation in our lab as one of the better desktop builders, and the Edge Z30 gives us no reason to change our opinion.”

“To put the [$1,299] Velocity Micro in a larger perspective, its application scores are in the same ballpark as a $6,500 Alienware system we reviewed last November. There’s no mainstream task you can throw at the Edge Z30 it can’t handle.”


“If you know a gamer that drools over the $5,000-plus systems but doesn’t have a load of cash, check this PC out.”

“I’m certainly not hesitant on giving the Z30 the Editors’ Choice for midpriced ($1,000 to $1,500) gaming systems, replacing the Gateway FX6800-01e”

Thanks to everyone–from fans and partners to fellow employees–for your help and support. Let’s keep building great computers!