Announcing our products for CES 2012!

Today we’re really excited to be able to announce our products debuting at CES 2012 next week. On the docket are two new amazingly affordable Cruz Tablets, a pocket sized projector so small and so bright it has to be seen to be believed, a monstrous HD workstation, and much, much more. For more details check out this link and stay tuned tuned here for further updates!


11 thoughts on “Announcing our products for CES 2012!

  1. Just bought a cruz tablet 3 weeks ago the screen is locked ….frozen any suggestions

    • Same issue with a tablet purchased 2 one screen went black and have had nothing but hassles in working with support. The numbers work sporadically and they don’t return calls when specifically requested on their products. When they work they seem to work well. I’m only 1/2 sold on the product and not happy with customer support which is extremely poor.

    • Reset it and reprogram it you will have all the same programs and that is what I did because mine was the same way.

  2. put it on a charger for a bit to insure it has power and try using a paperclip for a hardreset while you power it on. (leave plugged in)

    • Tried this, but no success. Since I have 2 of the same tablets, I’ll chalk this one to either a bad battery or bad tablet.

  3. Dose anyone know anything about the games that don’t work on it like angry birds? I was wondering when they were going to be on it.

  4. Trying to make the best of my ereader until I can afford to buy a different one. Am having problems getting things on my external sd. The 256gb on this doesn’t last long. When I checked to see how much I have left, it shows the 8gb of external memory but can’t figure out how to get things on it. Thanks for any help anyone can give me. I have a Cruz Reader Special Edition – R102.

  5. I stuffed up my password and got locked out when attempting to login in on this web site. I have now twice attempt the ” Forgotten Password” reset option, got the email but when I click on to the link I get “Token not recognized” I am attempting to log in on my Windows XP machine using Chrome as my browser. I have some tech questions and although I love my Cruz typing on it is not one of my favourite things. can you help

  6. Hi, I want to know, when you buy the shine projector en amazon o bestbuy, can you tell me when this product are in the stores?

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